​Content Strategy Toolkit by Jocelyn Kopac

​Content Strategy Toolkit

What's included?

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Course Introduction
Programs You May... Want
Things You Need Before You Get Started
2 mins
Getting Set-Up
4 mins
The Basics of The Social Media Platforms
5 mins
Picking Your Top 3 Platforms (aka The Trifecta)
3 mins
Setting Up Your Instagram... The Right Way
Setting Up Your Facebook Page... Like A Boss
Setting Up Your Business Pinterest Account... Boom! Done!
Numbers Matter
Setting Up Your Analytics Tracking
2 mins
Analytics/ Data Points To Pay Attention To
Funnel Basics
Basic Freebie Funnel
4 mins
Writing Your First E-Book
170 KB
Basics of Creating + Exporting A PDF For A Freebie
8 mins
Building Your First Funnel
55.1 KB
Producing Good Content (you can continually repurpose)
Planning Content (1)-Monthly Content Calendar
35.1 KB
Planning Content (2)- Everything Needs Some Keywords
6 mins
Planning Content (3)- Content Planning Tutorial
10 mins
Curating Continuing Content with Google Alerts
4 mins
Writing A Blog
7 mins
Anatomy of Video
Engaging Social Posts- Instagram
6 mins
Engaging Social Posts- Facebook
5 mins
Scheduling Content- Tailwind
11 mins
Engaging Social Posts- Pinterest
5 mins
Wrapping It All Up...
Let Me Show You How I Do :)
18 mins
Basic Graphic Design
Convertible Cover Photos
14 mins
Basics of Canva
5 mins
Discovering Your Inner Product
145 KB
Preparing An About You Page
182 KB
Masterclass: Personal Facebook Sales Funnel
58 mins