Entrepreneurship College Campus by Jocelyn Kopac

Entrepreneurship College Campus

The Content Class our FREE monthly Stock Photos + Content Prompts To Build Your Marketing ROI! 

The Business Success School Up-level Your Positioning And Learn The In's And Out's Of Running An Online Service-Based Business.

Feeling stuck? Want more sales, better content and to spend less time spinning your wheels on building an engaged audience?

We have all been there, the never ending hamster wheel. Barely enough money coming in.... need to make more sales.... don't have the content, copy or funnels in place to get sales.... needing help to get all that important digital stuff in place... but having made no sales there is no money.

​It's time to stop the maddening circle and get some help! Up-level your positioning, digital marketing, strategy and potential client experience.

Are you ready to put in the work, get a guided tour to your business growth sweet spot and make sales with ease?!

This is the place for you! I feel for you (cause I have been there) and am ready to show you the light at the end of the 'feast and famine' tunnel! But strap in, this takes work and time, this is no room to make excuses, break down or doubt your awesomeness! ​Let me help you, help yourself!

Your business is in your hands and it's time ​to turn everything you touch into gold.

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Let's Get to The Nitty Gritty

  • Entrepreneurs with the fire in their belly to win and are ready to just that (just need a bit of guidance).
  • People that are ready to QUIT making excuses and grow into their full potential.
  • Badasses that are ready to learn from failures and learn to take no like a champ.
  • Service Providers that are committed to quality, authentic and valuable work.
  • Humans that know time is a precious commodity and are ready to take back theirs (and not waste mine). 
  • Service-based businesses with $30 per month to invest in creating a sustainable business!

  • Entrepreneurs that are trying to get rich quick, content is not your path and neither is owning a business.
  • People that do not understand there is risk in owning a business and aren't ready to face the music.
  • Truly bad 'asses' that don't take failure as a chance to learn but want to blame failures on someone or something else.
  • Services Providers that aren't ready to give their all to their business, this program and their clients.
  • Humans that don't mind wasting other's time. ​
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"Jocelyn works with my business, and we have a lot of fun coming up with new ideas. As well as keeping my marketing current and fresh she is very smart and does an AWESOME JOB! I'm fortunate to have on my team. Her rates are very reasonable too. Jocelyn holds her own against any of the larger marketing firms. Thank you for everything you have helped with starting my new business."
"Creating successful programs is an art form and Jocelyn has provided a wonderful canvas to allow the mind to flow. By following her the simple steps, you will be able to articulate and organize your thoughts and ideas in one place. As you allow yourself space to create not one, but three, potential programs, you will be amazed just how focused and productive this you to become!" 
- Katy
"Jocelyn brings a high level of motivation and competence to whatever project she's involve in. She quickly sees around situations and has often planed several steps into the future. She is honest and can be depended on to offer clear insights in a professional manner. She is a hard worker and has earned my respect."
- Topher
Jocelyn is outstanding in her work ethic, determination and pure ability as an entrepreneur.In just the one year I've known her, she has taught me more than I could image and is someone who I respect greatly."
- Andrew
"Was an absolute pleasure to work with her! Very inspirational and encouraging!!"
- Kendra


I'm a developing world changer, part-time musician, and full-time business growth coach.

You can find me tending to my chicken, drinking coffee, or binging a good Netflix timepiece series!

​I have been a story nut my whole life... so read on if you want to hear my story!